Work in Glassman workers's training comes first Keeping the talents is one of the top four strategies in Glassman. Recognizing the importance of individual talents and how they can contribute to the company is one of the top focuses in Glassman. Glassman has set a series of training program to help the employees to update their knowledge and skill throughout their career here at Glassman. All employees will be continuously stimulated with new and challenging assignments together with necessary resources from company training program to cope with the competitive world nowadays.
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Besides the basic training program for all new employees, Glassman understands some special training program must also set in line for different individuals to be fully prepared for their tasks. 

The training route can be either coming from intern training or seeking from outside consultants.  The goal is to facilitate full scale development and integration of each employee into the Glassman system in a shortest time possible.  The intern training includes department shifts, attending technical lectures and many more additional learning systems from our managing team. By letting young employees to expose various work contents, Glassman aims to cultivate young individuals to become future leaders not only in Glassman Ltd., but in international community.